Monday, March 28, 2011

Darwinism At Work

A comment about the disappearance of Jim Dugan, an alumnus, like me, of St. John's College, who hasn't been seen since he and a companion fell into the Mississippi River last week after the dock they were on collapsed:

smeyers02 March 27, 2011 at 5:51AM
Uh, if I fall into a river, I'm not going to just climb out, hug and go home. It's the Mississippi! I'm gonna go to the hospital to make sure I don't have a disease.
My theory? Kelly pushed him in (maybe as a joke?) or he committed suicide and she freaked out. Kelly's story is awfully fishy (pun intended). Mark my words, she did something to this dude. I bet she pushed him in as a "joke" or something because they were both drunk. Either way it was Darwinism at work.
Seriously, who drinks on a pier on the river at 4am? Buh bye. Fish food.
No, but this Kelly girl is gonna be arrested for homicide when all is said and done. She did him in.
 So, in order of appearance, though not necessarily in offensiveness, speculation that Jim killed himself, his companion perjured herself, a pun about the woman's story about a likely dead man, a suggestion that she murdered him, a suggestion that the man's death was "Darwinism at work," and a joke that the man is now "fish food." All in a comment section that is being closely monitored by Jim's friends and family for news about whether he is still alive or will ever be found.


  1. Oh, for God's sakes. Having learned about the circumstances from a friend of the young woman involved, making these kinds of suggestions is just awful and irresponsible.

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