Saturday, March 19, 2011

Michael Anderson's Prison Monkey Family

A comment concerning Michael Anderson's guilty plea in federal court for his role in a Central City street gang:

ceasarion March 19, 2011 at 11:31AM

So the case wasn't perfect..."WHO CARES"? This scumbag is out of society FOREVER!!!! Thank You Jim Letten...If NOT for Mr. Letten's continued bulldog tenacity, this POS would have been back on the streets killing and intimidating more citizens. Thank GOD for the feds, because if we relied on our local/state prosecutors and Judges, this type of trash would still be running the streets. Like Bill Jefferson...Lol... I loved the Anderson Momma and other neanderthal (barely standing erect) relatives in the bright (OPP jumpsuit orange) T-shirts with the logos stating that "mike-Mike be In-o-cent", this was a truly defining moment of television this mornings newscast, that made me nearly blow coffee out of my nose laughing. Anderson is trash, and will be murdered in prison hopefully for ratting out his other henchmen for their crimes as well. I love it!!! Hows that old say'in go??? Oh yeah..."Live by the sword" Yes. A little justice for those children killed by this murderer. 27 shots fired at 5 teenage kids of a weapon. My God, do they make a clip that big for a handgun? I guess so. Either that, or he had to stop and reload the pistol. Bye Bye Mike-Mike, HELL has a special place marked out for the likes of you. Dogpound indeed, Satan will use you like a lap dog I'm just sure. Only regret is that the state of Louisiana won't get a chance to inject your rotten viens with the juice, and post it on youtube as a lesson for future punks to see as a warning. HA
In case you missed it, he is saying that the African American activists present in court with their Safe Streets t-shirts looked like prison monkeys to him.  And I suppose its worth noting that those folks are not his family members, but are community activists concerned with his treatment in the criminal justice following the district attorney's suppression of exculpatory evidence at his death penalty trial, and that his mother wasn't present in court. But who cares about details when you have racist invective to take care of.

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