Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the Style of . . .

I commented on my friend Barry's Facebook post, "ran 3.6 mi in 34 mins 18 secs and burned 491 calories," as follows: "Glad to see you engaged in the west coast healthy lifestyle."

In typical clever Barry  fashion, he asked me to rephrase my comment "in the style of a commentor". Here is what I came up with:
I hope you die on one of your "runs". But die quickly because I don't want your savior OSAMA spending all my tax dollars keeping your scummy body alive with his socialist care so that you can put more criminals on the streets to rape and kill.
Maybe I will create an ap, or website, (like the famous Wu-Tang Name Generator) that translates normal, polite thoughts and comments into speak, though I suspect it would be more useful to create one that can reserve translate. Maybe could pre-filter comments through it so that comments like, "This is typical of today's society.....white man works - black man takes," will come out as, "I am very frustrated with my life and choose to blame others for my unhappiness."

Any programmers out there?

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