Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ridiculous, Ignorant African American Community

A comment on an article about the Renee Gil Pratt trial:

EqualVoice February 09, 2011 at 12:15PM

This is a perfect example that it PAST time to stop voting for people because they are black or those who were aligned, mentored, support by or have connections with the Jeffersons. The AA community fail t realize how ridiculous and ignorant they appear by continually voting for and relecting those like Cynthia Hedge Morrel and other incumbants who once touted the glories of the Jeffersons. They all are self-serving and really do not care about those they serve. There has been no measurable profit from them in office.
The Jefferson regime raped them year after year. Still to date, they continue to vote their allies into office to the detriment of those constituents who understand the evil of those associated with them. Their ignorance continues the cycle of poverty and lack of improvement for those in their community. They trade an improved standard of life for having one's own ethnic group in office. They are equally accountable for the crime in the city and the lack of improvement in their community. It is reprehensible that their was a program to mentor young AA men( who seem to be the problem in the city) and the money was stolen.
Look around at the state of your community after the Jefferson regime. What did you get? Nothing. The Jefferson's don't want to live in your community. I am sure, they all live uptown with white neighbors. Have you even seen them in your neighborhood?

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