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ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc has a listing of it top commenters over the past week, trying to use user comments to drum up traffic.

Here is the current list:

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The last username, ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc, drew my attention so I clicked his username to go to his profile, which shows no activity at all. (Actually, I kept looking and found his comments here.) But due to the wonders of google (and's search function), I was able to find a few of the posts from a user that is promoting:

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 15, 2011 at 6:02PM
With respect to the servers at a decent restaurant I used to manage, I can tell you they will flat out refuse to work a table with black diners unless we allocate one per server. It is looked at like a penalty to them. Otherwise, they told us, they would never make anything. And with respect to racism, the problem is that 1/3 of the servers were black and felt the same way as the white servers. Both black and white servers said the black diners treated them rudely, ran them back and forth for stuff all the time, taking away from the time they could spend at other tables (and earn good tips), and if the food had any little issue the black diners either wanted it for free or wanted to get a substantial discount. Of course, the servers stated they also like to complain a lot as well, which again, takes up time they could spend on tables that will give them a fair or better tip. This is not coming from me, this is coming from our servers, both BLACK and white, so there must be some truth to this.
Then there are the customers. At a high end restaurant that I used to manage, we had patrons that would complain or cancel their reservations upon arrival if the place looked too ghetto. This is not from me, this is coming from them. They have an expectation that a high end restaurant should not have many black diners, otherwise it is going down. They want to eat in a comfortable dining environment at a high end restaurant. One frequent customer pulled me aside and told us that he was coming to a restaurant with his wife and that he was going to throw down at least $200-300 between the steak and lobster dinners and the drinks they usually order, they wanted a better atmosphere and that they would expect better than an I-HOP or an AppleBees. He said he did not want to worry about keeping his hand on his wallet or having to watch his wife’s purse. What could we do? We can’t tell the customer he is a racist - we still have to make money. We accommodated him by putting him in a more secluded area away . . .
Another time we had seated a large party of black diners at our establishment and they were very loud, rude, laughing out loud and hollering; it sounded like a project party in there. Several of our other frequent and very well spending diners made complaints and we offered to pay for their meals but they instead left because they said they could not hear themselves speak. Not only did we lose revenue from the departing diners, but the black diners complained about the prices and kept asking what was free and what was not free and they basically took over our entire restaurant like locusts. They just killed our Saturday night. Of course, the tips were mere pennies. And when we tried to speak with them about the minimal gratuity, they just scurried out of there, leaving all the servers with no tips whatsoever.
These are just experiences, and maybe black diners do not act this way in other states and other cities, but it just seems in our metro area this is the norm. . . . I don’t know, anyone else have a clue why this is?

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 29, 2011 at 8:55PM
The problem is that they do not look at a person's education, qualifications, and competence to determine who they interview. First thing HR at the federal level does is throw out all applications belonging to white males. You can guess what their next move is with respect to calling applicants for interviews.
I had an interview at the Department of Agriculture and it was an absolute joke. I nailed every question the interviewer asked and I knew he was going through the motions. I should have asked him why he was wasting my time. I have worked as a contractor and many many times had to do the jobs of federal workers who were getting paid really well but had no idea of what the job they were supposed to do.
I also had an interview with the IRS on Poydras. That was a joke as well. The people interviewing me were a joke.
Then I had a interview with HUD. The lady was wearing a scarf on her head and I almost asked her to make me pancakes. What a joke this country has become. We pay these morons hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are not even qualified to interview for the positions much less get the jobs.

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 31, 2011 at 8:40PM
I refuse to recognize him as my president, or a president of this country. He is a Muslim. He is a fraud. He is a joke. I don't visit my relatives in Europe because they constantly ask me where did we get this guy. They state that the US used to be a great country and we have elected this fool to lead us into oblivion. I agree with them. I am so ashamed that many of us were fooled.
He is supported by those that want to leach off of those of us that are working each and every day while many of the welfare recipients are saying,"oh, we love Obama." I guess you do, and so do the illegals.
Just remember that if you overfill the life raft all of us drown, even you.

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 17, 2011 at 9:52PM
I'll bet when you were a kid, you were so ugly your mother had to tie a pork chop around your neck just to get the dog to play with you.
Whereas, you would likely ask, can we please let this anger go and talk about our history, talk about our problems?
That's what we doing, Jack. Every time we talk, we can't, cause somebody gotta, just GOTTA, throw the race card. If I had me a dollar every time that card was played, I'd be having some millions, Jack.
Why not ride down I-55 for some fun?

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc February 03, 2011 at 8:48PM
Why should I vote to renew this tax when I have to pay for my kids to go to private school because these schools all produce stupid kids!!!!!
I have to pay twice, once to the School Board and then again to the private school.
People are going to vote no on the renewal and instead of worrying about a union this crew may be handed pink slips. Again, a total lack of understanding of the climate in today's economy.

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 15, 2011 at 8:22PM
This is why we sold our house (before Dale Atkins screwed up the property records) and then relocated our business out of the parish as well. We never go through Orleans Parish due to the extreme violence and the fact that the judges let all of the murderers off with a slap on the wrist. We spend a lot of our time convincing friends to move out of Orleans Parish and relocate their businesses from there as well. We never buy gas, groceries, or anything in Orleans Parish so that they cannot jam us with a camera or parking ticket. If there is an event we want to go to in Orleans Parish we just do not go. We have done so because we feel the conditions in Orleans Parish are unacceptable. The other thing as people like us move our residences and our businesses, so too does our tax base, our sales taxes, and our property taxes. Until we see a true leader in the City, and judges that will do their job instead of being paid off by violent drug dealing criminal murderers, we refuse to have anything to do with Orleans Parish. A place where you have to have a gun in one hand and another on your wallet is just not worth living in.

ManyCantReadWriteandDoCalc January 23, 2011 at 11:59AM
If we are going to have specific schools like SUNO and Southern University Law Center for blacks, then we need to set also set up separate schools for Italians, Hispanics, Packistani's, Indians, and Vietmanese.
If we are going to be partially stupid, we need to be consistent about it and set up additional schools for all the other ethnicities out there.
Since we do not have the money for it, shut down both SUNO campuses and the Southern University Law Center down and let the students apply to UNO and LSU Law School.
Let their staff apply to jobs and be assessed for their skills and the best ones get to keep their jobs based on technical ability and competence, not based on diversity and political pressure.
Let's face the obvious, a degree from SUNO and or Southern University Law Center is not respected and is not accepted as a REAL degree by people in the professional world. Both systems had scandals where administrators routinely changed the grades in the system for both compensation as well as for purposes of insuring that people of a particular ethnic background passed the courses. Both of those schools had rampant fraud as well.
The other thing is that if you are not AA, you better not even think about going to Southern University Law Center because they will fail you out just based on the fact that those graduation slots are reserved for students of a particular ethnic background.

I found a couple more that seemed worth posting on his profile:
Look, with all the problems New Orleans has, the coroner's office is the least of the problems.
Who cares if he gets the autopsies right? Most of those killed are drug dealer thugs anyway, so who is really hurt here?
We cannot continue to support all of these illegals.
If your family was starving, would you take food from them to give to the family down the block? No you fool, you would feed your family first. Can we try that? Can we just try it?
To all of you that support immigration, can we just have a break for about 20 years and let us get our country back to order? Huh, is that asking so much?
If I mowed your law for free for the last 50 years and then asked you if I could take a break for 20 years, would you let me? Especially if I had been doing it for free for the past 50 years?
People, we cannot support all of Mexico and Central America. We don't have the money anymore. We have enough deadbeats that are actual citizens; we don't need to look for more outside our borders . . . .
I am so embarrassed to have this guy as a president. How on earth did he even get voted in? How come he was even allowed on the ballot if there was so much confusion about whether he was legally allowed to be president? Our country is the joke of the world. He is totally clueless and will lead us to ruin. So much hard work to be undone by a Muslim spy.

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