Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Professor

Comment on an article about arrests following a fatal drive-by shooting:

losconinhum (posted on January 14, 2011 at 5:05PM)
It's cool not to study in school !!! We likes gunplay !!!! 30 years ago a black professor made a statement , he said, most young blacks are to stupid to comprehend there own ignorance. Well it seems , 30 years later , not much has changed. When , if ever , will these young people wise up?
 Looking at his user profile, it appears that he has posted this same comment a number of times before:
It's cool not to study in school, we likes gunplay, the very words were said in an interview with some teenagers, 30 years ago. What has changed? it has got worse. And it will get even more terrible as time goes on and the population increases. At the same time (30 years back) a black professor made the statement, quote , young blacks are to stupid to comprehend their own ignorance. Well obviously the generations that followed are also to stupid to comprehend there own ignorance.
Posted on 4 teenagers arrested in connection with Sunday night murder in Harvey on December 28, 2010, 9:42PM
It's cool not to study in school, it'cool not to do homework, we likes gunplay, is what the parents of some of these young people have said when they were younger. Well they made the mold. This is the results and obviously it is wide spread in every urban city. Drugs, murder, a way of life. The problems these losers cause the rest of the nation is unreal! What is the answer is anybodys guess. A black professor once said many years ago, quote (young blacks are to stupid to comprehend their own ignorance) It seems nothing has changed !!!!
Posted on Suspect's mother arrested in Earl Wheeler slaying case on December 06, 2010, 5:56PM 
I remember reading many years ago , one and two generations back , when young black people were saying, We likes gunplay !! It's cool not to study in school !! Those people were parents and grandparents of young teenagers of today. A black professor once said , these young black people are too stupid to comprehend their own ignorance and he was right. Being poor is not the root of the problem , many poor races have succeeded in society.
In this version, its a TV reporter instead of a black professor:
In a conversation some years ago in Miami Florida on tv with a news reporter and a few young black dudes , when asked why they carried guns and were shooting and killing each other and innocent people, the answer was , we likes gunplay. I can assume that the answer would be the same in nola, the wild wild south, tomestone territory.
Posted on New killings bring N.O. total to six in three days on April 20, 2008, 2:56PM
On a similar note:
Another Idiot that is to stupid to comprehend his own ignorance. It's cool not to study in school, We likes gunplay ! I would not blame any cabbie for not picking up any young black males because the percentage of bad ones are to great. It sure makes life hard for black males that are trying to do the right thing, because no one wants to trust any of them. And you can't blame them for doing so.
These people are the scum of society. Obviously they wanted to kill someone that day. They just wanted to kill. What is it that goes on in the minds of so many black males in this country and where will it lead to. To actually take a knife and plunge it into the body of a innocent person and have no remorse is beyond the thinking and actions of a civilized human.
In order to get a user name, you need to register a valid email address. Maybe someone from should send him an email with the "community rules"? Or ban his IP address from the website?

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