Thursday, January 13, 2011 Perman Glenn RIP

I just read on Facebook that a colleague, Perman Glenn, who practiced law in Massachusetts and Louisiana, passed away while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. I followed the link to a article, an Advance Publications website, like, that runs content from The Springfield Republic. I read the short article about Perman and his life before reaching the comments at the bottom.

A sequence of comments, first from a poster and then from Perman's wife, highlights and personalizes the issues that this blog intends to scrutinize.

From GeoQuin4: "One less way for the criminals in Springfield to get away with their crimes..."

From Perman's grieving wife:
GeoQuin4 -your comment is mean, innapropriate and uncalled for. Did you stop to think for one second that I, Perman's wife, or our 4 children might wake up in the morning and read this article then see your nasty comment "one less way"? You should retract it. Our hearts are already broken
My regrets to Mrs. Glenn and her family, both regarding the loss of her husband and for having to confront nastiness in her moment of loss. 

To Perman: Rest in peace. I am sorry you are gone. You were a good man who fought for underdogs, a fact only highlighted by the disdain that some fools might have had for the way you lived. I'll try to be more like you and stick with the fight.

To and Advance Publications: You are responsible for the grief that you cause in your effort to profit from this wild west cesspool of anonymous commentary that invariably exposes grieving people to rank hostility.


The GeoQuin4 comment has been removed from the article but still appears under his still active profile. The removal of the comment highlights the inadequacy of ex post moderation, where content remains up for all to view until it offends enough people to have it reported and removed.


  1. Funny, I had this exchange earlier over Twitter when I shared the link to your website:

    @rsmithTP: The sad thing? You could do that for a plethora of similar news sites. (re: comments site)

    Me to @rsmithTP: Yes, and many of those news sites are run by's parent company, Advance Internet.

    It's too true. And I wish it weren't.

  2. Advanced owns a bunch of websites (all with the same format, as far as I can tell) and newspapers. I think that they all have the same problems and policies concerning comments. The following websites, each of which is associated with a local newspaper, are owned by Advanced: (The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times, Press-Register), (The Plain Dealer, Sun News), (The Republican), (Advance Newspapers, Booth Michigan, The Bay City Times, The Community Newspapers, The Flint Journal, The Grand Rapids Press, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Chronicle, The Saginaw News), (The Star-Ledger, The Times, The Jersey Journal, The Express-Times, Gloucester County Times, The News of Cumberland County, Today's Sunbeam, Hunterdon County Democrat, The Warren Reporter, The Messenger-Gazette (Somerset), Independent Press, Suburban News, Record-Press, Cranford Chronicle), (Times Picayune), (The Oregonian, Hillsboro Argus), (The Patriot-News), (The Express-Times), (Staten Island Advance), (The Post-Standard), (The Mississippi Press)

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  4. Hello, I'm GeoQuin4.

    I'm insensitive and many times unforgiving. However, I have no problem speaking my mind in public or online. I'm not going to apologize for that statement regarding a defense attorney who's worked in a city with escalating crime and is only adding to it by working to keep these vermin on the streets and free from persecution for their actions. Had he been a prosecutor, or someone working for the greater good, I'd have offered my condolences instead. If you want sympathy for the loss of a loved one, don't sit there reaping the benefits of their bad deeds.

    Thank you,

  5. George,

    You are a coward, writing hateful comments on the internet. You wouldn't say those things to a grieving widow in person, so why say them here? Regardless of how you feel about a man's line of work, there is no excuse for hurting his grieving widow.

    But since you have a problem with criminal defense attorneys and their work, I would suggest you move to China. They don't have a constitution, or rights to protect the accused. There are summary executions without a trial. You would really like it over there - unless you were charged with a crime. But, we don't have to worry about that, because no one has ever been falsely convicted of a crime, the police are all angels who never make mistakes, and witnesses never lie to the police. So we don't really need a constitution or rights for the accused, right?