Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lower Ninth

This guy seems upset that The Times Picayune doesn't state the race of the people alleged to be involved in this double murder (thanks Ethan):

MeKnOwNoThInG January 15, 2011 at 1:15PM

cant wait till someone makes a remark that they are some of our finest typical new orleans thugs (citizens) first words will be that they havent mentioned race (like we dont know). we see this all the time and then some other news site posts their pics and the in defense and in denial bunch have nothing else to say except parting words like "racists and or "hater"
WOW what a reason to murder people because you mad dawgged them.. lol lol lol 99% of the murders dont even have anything to do with drugs its mostly stupid arguments. yeah takes a ton of mentality to blast someone because of the way they looked at another....
fits the term savage not animals as animals dont act like savages... lol
lets see they will blame the media for reporting the story.. then they blame nola because they reported it.. yup shhhhh deny it --- ignore it -- shhhh it will go away if they do that..
next come blame someone or something else.. oh my no no no dont blame themselves naaaaa
its a conspiracy against them..
ok excuses will fly..... strange that every day/night on every news site we see the same people doing 80+% of all the crimes and murders but if 1 white person or 1 asian or 1 latino J-walks they never let it go...
2 sicko wack punk kids go into columbine and murder kids and we hear about it till the cows come home....
but in chicago 508 school kids are shot in a 16 month period and 25 of them die and its
and in other cities they have the same complaints.. philly calls it killadelphia we call NO bagdad on the bayou.... baltimore calls it murdermore.. geezzee not long ago they were bragging about newark,nj ahhhh read that news site now....
and St. louis and detroit,,, all thse places think they are the only ones with the same people doing all the same stuff....
and yes there the same types who vent their anger that its in the news and they call anyone who tells the truth all the same childish names as we see here..
and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy
just dont do this stuff and there wont be anything to report on.....
In fact, he seems so upset that after removed the original comment that appeared at 10:25 a.m., he just reposted it at 1:15 p.m. (The 10:25 a.m. post is still on his user profile. I am assuming that it was removed but that is a (perhaps optimistic) guess.) The 1:15 post is still up, suggesting that's moderation, even when it successfully catches and deletes offensive content, is inadequate.

In any event, meknownothing found a receptive audience:

surchargecognitive January 15, 2011 at 11:47AM

meknownothing, you're right. animals are much better than these pieces of excrement. ignolent. that's what they are -- they are ignorant and violent. ignolent. new word. let's use it.
Another commenter made clear that meknownothing's rant was (barely) coded racism:

newilson1 January 15, 2011 at 2:19PM
Also "thugs" has become the new code word for blacks by certain internet trolls. Stop speaking in Codes. Say what you really mean.
Having found encouragement, meknownothing offered more enlightened analysis on the interrelated ills of urban crime and poverty, comparing witnesses to police violence "roaches," calling the people who attended Magnolia Shorty's funeral "a plague," and referring to people in high crime neighborhoods "savages":

MeKnOwNoThInG January 15, 2011 at 2:24PM

fire the cops????? do you actually think the police can stop any crime? the police are like the trashmen-- the trash is picked up and more is put out... you would have to have an officer assigned to every person to make even a dent. its NOT the police its the citizens.. and its NOT the judges,DA,or any of them. the JURY is made up of the citizens picked for jury duty. they are the ones who say
i know his mama and hes a good boy/girl ........ he/she dated my child and i know he/she is innocent....
its stuff like that that sets them free back on the streets.... the DA works to get a case without it being flimsy evidence and not 1 person comes forward...
heres what i mean..............
theres a drive by shooting and 2 people are shot and a small child is killed........... not 1 person saw ANYTHING.............

the same thugs do the same crime and the police give chase and the 1 thugs shots back at the police and the police shoot and kill him

people from all over come out of the wood work like roaches to tell their version of how the police murdered that innocent man... they never gave him a chance.. they shot him down like a dog.... he never had a weapon...
and ya wonder why the police are afraid to do anything.. just look at the recent funeral of magnolia shorty the people you saw at that funeral are the plague thats on the street making every neighborhood a crime ridden hell hole but the same one who call the police names love these savages and defend them...
take this in note here a my space account of one who has 7 to 10 AK-47'S --
click on that--- click his pic-- then click on the pic set named HOOD select pic set #2 why does this guy need that many AK-47'S???????
I have seen some bad things happen in this city and have worries and anxieties about raising a family here in a place with so many challenges but the real problems that we face are far less demoralizing than the shrill, heartless, and cynical rants that you must suffer just to read the news.

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